Multi-Lingual Sentiment Analysis

Nothing to learn, nothing to calibrate - just click, and get results fast!

Easy to Use

Install in minutes, get results right away. One-click sentiment analysis from within Excel.


Data in multiple languages? No problem! Simply Sentiment has you covered. Over 60 languages supported!

Unlimited Data

No per-item data processing fees. Process as much data as you like without any extra costs.

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Topic Classification

Easily categorise your textual data based on defined themes and topics


More accurate than humans doing the same task, 100% consistent and much faster.


You have complete control of how you define the lexical rules for each topic. Unlimited topics.

Use any Data

Works with any textual data that can be imported into Microsoft Excel for Windows.

Language Translation

Translate survey responses, social media conversations or customer reviews to and from any language directly in Excel

Easy to Use

Install in minutes, get results right away. One-click translation from within Excel.


Bulk translation to and from a wide range of languages.


No per translation fees. Translate as much as you like at no extra cost.

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Combine Sentiment Analysis & Topic Classification for Even More Insights

Combining both sentiment analysis and topic classification enables you to understand what your customers are talking the most about and how they feel about those topics. This enables you to quickly identify where the biggest pain points are in your customer's journeys. Check out this support article to see just how easy this is to do.

Educational & Non-Profit Use

We offer discounts for educational institutions using our products for academic purposes and for certain non-profit organisations.

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What our customers say

I would recommend CX Data Science to anyone doing academic or professional work which includes data mining. It is easily the best data mining tool I have ever used

Simply Sentiment is much better than the 3 other products I tried. It is a lot quicker to analyse the comments, more accurate and it provides the results on the same worksheet as the comments. The other 3 all provided the results on a different worksheet, you then have to copy and paste to the comments, or use VLOOKUP

One thing I liked was the program's detailed results part which allows me to analyze more deeply. The tool also works faster than I would expect even in bigger number of reviews. I would recommend CX Data Science to anyone who needs proficient sentiment analysis of texts