About CX Data Science

CX Data Science is a small UK based company providing Microsoft Excel add-ins for text analysis. It is owned and operated by me, Simon Pennie. All the products available on this website have been developed in response to business challenges that I have come across in my 'day job' as a customer experience analytics consultant.

I have followed three 'must-have' principles when developing these text analysis tools:

  1. Ease of use: If you are like me, you will be more interested in the outputs of text analysis than the process of getting to those outputs. Also, all the software available on this site is developed as standard Excel add-ins, meaning you can install them yourself without having to get your corporate IT department involved!
  2. Secure: your data never leaves your computer, so there are no data protection issues to worry about. This is unique in a market where cloud processing is the norm!
  3. Affordable: I have deliberately avoided using any type of pay-per- item pricing model as I believe this drives a behaviour among users where they reduce the amount of data they process due to budget constraints. With textual data analysis, the more data you can process, the better the outputs will be!

Companies across the globe are using my software to help them better understand their customers and how they feel about their brands, as well as academic institutions for research and teaching purposes

Founder, www.cxdatascience.com