Introducing Simply Sentiment 2 for Excel!

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Quickly turn difficult to analyse, unstructured textual data into numeric data that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day analysis workflow.

Simply Sentiment is an easy to use Microsoft Excel add-in that lets you quickly understand positive and negative sentiment being expressed in any type of textual data (social media, customer feedback surveys, product reviews etc).

Simply Sentiment has a unique set of features that you won't find anywhere else...

NOTE: *When using multi-lingual mode, your data is transmitted across the public internet for translation. At all other times your data never leaves your computer.

The Simply Sentiment Dashboard

Easily create beautiful 'word clouds' using or

Automatically generate a grouped summary of the sentiment within your data

If you want to know more about the full range of features that Simply Sentiment has, check out our Simply Sentiment support articles

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* In the majority of cases you will be able to install our Add-ins without any involvement from your IT department. Some companies may disable the ability for users to install Microsoft Office Add-ins (this is rare). However, please check that you are able to install standard Excel Add-ins or that your IT department will be able to do this for you before purchasing.